Canadian Renewable Fuels Association

Building Canada into a global
clean energy superpower

CRFA National Biofuels to Bioeconomy Conference
Take part in shaping the future of Canada’s biofuels & bioeconomy.

With abundance of natural biomass, Canada is well positioned to be a world leader
in the production and development of renewable fuels and sustainable products.
The Canadian Renewable Fuels Association is determined to seize this economic opportunity for the benefit of all Canadians – today and well into the future.

26production plants



$5Beconomic contribution

Working toward
a cleaner & richer future
for Canada

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14,000+jobs created

$3.7Bestimate ROI

4.2mTGHG reduction/year

Working toward
a cleaner & richer future
for Canada

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    Canada Clean Fuels Inc.

    Canada Clean Fuels is a Leader in the Delivery of Diesel and Biodiesel. Canada Clean Fuels specializes in its onsite fuel delivery service, delivering to whatever location of trucks, equipment etc are at and directly filling each and every one.

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    Majority of Canadians Support Renewable Fuels Industry

    According to a new, national survey, more than three quarters (88%) of Canadians believe more renewable fuels should be produced in Canada and that government should do more to promote the industry. The poll of 1,750 Canadians aged 18 and over showed that 85% of respondents feel pride in Canada’s biofuels industry.

    CRFA Member Opens World Class Biodiesel Facility in Welland, Ontario
    CRFA Welcomes William Meyer Manager, Communications and Stakeholder Relations
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