CRFA background

Our Mandate

Founded in 1984, the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association (CRFA) is a non-profit organization with a mission to promote the use of value-added products made from renewable resources through consumer awareness and government liaison activities.

CRFA members and supporting organizations provide Canadians with renewable, clean-burning Ethanol and Biodiesel – fuels that help fight climate change and combat pollution and smog.  At the same time, they are working to develop the next generation of Biofuels, which will provide even greater environmental and economic benefits.

Our Vision

Canada’s energy future can not be overly dependent on a single fuel source such as fossil. It is essential to diversify our fuel mix with clean-burning, renewable fuels and biobased products in order to meet our energy needs while protecting our environment, and ensure Canada’s economic prosperity in the long term.

Biofuels – whether ethanol, biodiesel, or advanced materials – are now an established and integral part of our energy market. Significant progress has been made in building Canada’s domestic renewable fuels industry but this is only the beginning of what a resource and talent rich country like Canada is capable of.

Our Mission

With our abundance of natural biomass, Canada is well positioned to be a world leader in the production and development of renewable fuels and sustainable products. The Canadian Renewable Fuels Association is determined to seize this economic opportunity for the benefit of all Canadians – today and well into the future.

Our Action Plan

CRFA members have built a capable platform for biofuels production and technology. We are working together to help build Canada’s bioeconomy from our already growing biofuels industry. A cleaner, more prosperous energy future for Canada is within reach. Our comprehensive new plan “Evolution and Growth” outlines how we can best capitalize on the sizable economic and environmental benefits of our domestic biofuels industry, and sets a clear pathway forward for continued growth and expansion across the entire bioeconomy.

Our mission for this evolution is to elevate Canada to a global leader in clean fuels and sustainable products.

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Our Members

CRFA is the only national voice for Canada’s renewable fuels industry and represents the full spectrum of the domestic biofuels value-chain. Our members include:

  • Grain and cellulose ethanol producers
  • Biodiesel and renewable diesel producers
  • Fuel technology providers
  • Feedstock suppliers
  • And many others

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