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Membership levels

CRFA offers three levels of membership to fit your business and suit your needs.

  • Full members
    • Full members have a vote on and can be a member of the CRFA Board of Directors.
  • Associate members
    • Associate members are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Supporting organizations


Benefits of all membership levels

  • Participation in Annual General Meeting and monthly conference calls;
  • Written updates on all matters and issues pertaining to government and public relations;
  • Reduced conference rate at annual Conference;
  • Your company logo posted and website linked on the CRFA site.


Your membership investment gives you access to policy experts, industry information and communications tools to benefit your business.


Policy Advocacy Development

For over 30 years, the CRFA has been at the forefront of shaping renewable fuels policy in Canada.

As a result of its history of success, the CRFA is recognized by government and the media as Canada’s leading source for information and views pertaining to biofuels use and production.

Through its policy expertise and communications channels, the CRFA is one of the country’s strongest advocates for biofuels, value-added products made from renewable resources and Canada’s emerging bioeconomy.


Education & Promotion

The CRFA is dedicated to working on issues that relate directly to the interests of Canada’s biofuels industry and bioeconomy.

Across Canada, the CRFA’s network of producers and supporting organizations work with local elected officials – across all levels of government.

In Ottawa, the CRFA meets with Cabinet Ministers, Deputy Ministers, and Members of Parliament.


Industry Information & Networking

The CRFA keeps its members up-to-date on industry news, technical and policy changes, as well as emerging issues and trends affecting the global biofuels industry.

The CRFA’s Annual Canadian Bioeconomy Conference draws hundreds of industry leaders, policy experts and delegates from across North America.

From its annual conference to meetings and other events, the CRFA offers numerous networking opportunities to help grow your business.


Membership Opportunities

The Canadian Renewable Fuels Association is the only national voice for Canada’s renewable fuels industry and represents the full spectrum of the domestic biofuels value-chain. Our members include:

  • Grain and cellulose ethanol producers
  • Biodiesel and renewable diesel producers
  • Fuel technology providers
  • Feedstock suppliers
  • And many others

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